Software development for process automation

Software development for process automation

Software development for business is no longer the preserve of large companies, as smaller companies also need to take advantage of all possible solutions to improve their operations and efficiency.

“SIA Bišu nams developed a software specifically for our farm. It helps us to see the production, sales and warehouse operations processes every day.”

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Valts Grasbergs

As a company grows, so does its data flow - invoicing, reporting, job tracking, copying data between different programs, etc. That's why we develop software specifically for each client's needs to help automate a variety of day-to-day processes:

  • Task tracking. To organize and keep track of daily tasks, we develop applications where employees use their mobile phones to record their tasks, which can then be used to calculate salaries and measure productivity.
  • Reporting. Automated reporting will reduce the risk of errors and the time taken to produce reports.
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  • Invoicing. An efficient invoicing software will improve the company's financial management and standardize data flow.
  • Data copying. As the volume of data increases, it is tedious and time-consuming to manually copy data from one programme to another. We are developing programs that automatically copy data between different programs.

This service is particularly useful for companies faced with increasing amounts of data (reports, invoices) and want to make data-driven decisions while reducing the time spent on reporting.

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