LAD recognised consultants since 2015

LAD recognised consultants since 2015

Since 2015, Bišu nams Ltd has been a recognised LAD consultant under the European Union support program "Development of rural holdings and entrepreneurship", sub-program 6.3 "Support for business start-ups by developing small rural holdings". We have helped more than 40 small farmers to receive funding and achieve successful results.

We provide support in various agricultural sectors such as sheep farming, beekeeping, cereal growing, cattle breeding, vegetable growing and others. Under the project, farms have purchased machinery, equipment, livestock, greenhouses, built boreholes and made many other investments to improve their farms and increase their income. Some of the farms have subsequently reached the next stage of development and have successfully applied for support from the LAD under other programs such as 4.1 "Support for investments in agricultural holdings".

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We want to help you develop the best solutions and plans to achieve successful results on your farm. If you need support and advice in the field of agriculture, contact us to find out more about our services.